About Riad No. 37​

At Riad No. 37, we believe it’s all about balance – between bustle and quietness, between engaging with others and time alone. We strive to create the frame for you to oscillate between stimulation and reflection: dive into the vibrant, colorful streets of the Medina, lean back in the shade of the courtyard, or take a refreshing dip in the pool.

Spread out on the first floor and surrounding the courtyards, eight double-rooms host up to 16 people. Meanwhile, the ground floor and rooftop including two pools and fireplaces provide communal space for meaningful interaction as well as individual reflection.

The interior marries Scandinavian design sensibility with local craftspersonship and materials. All details from the floors to the furniture to the signature cocktails have been handpicked and designed. Our kitchen serves primarily organic, local ingredients but we’ve also made sure to offer you familiar classics like coffee.

Riad 37 Marrakech room detail 1
Riad 37 Marrakech swimming pool

How it all started - our story

The story of Riad No. 37 began in 2019. At the time, the Riad was not much more than a ruin. We restored the original building organically, working with what’s already there, from the door handles to some of the windows. The ambition has always been to honor the space and leave it better than we found it.

Working with local craftspeople and our own designs, we rebuilt the Riad into a new version of itself. All details are handmade, resulting in perfectly imperfect organic shapes.



Riad 37 Marrakech room detail
Riad 37 Marrakech room detail 1


We never wanted to create just another hotel. Instead, Riad No. 37 is meant to be a space that encourages meaningful interaction with other guests, chefs, and other people in residence but a place that also allows you to step back and reflect on your own. All rooms can be booked individually but Riad No. 37 can also be rented as a whole upon request.